Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 28, 5 mi, 40 deg

St Croix Valley Runners 5 mi, 39:20, pace 7:52. Started out in front slowly, expecting the group to catch up, but they ran even more slowly today so I picked up the pace, finishing way ahead. I like to run a hard 5k or 8k one week before a marathon. This wasn't real hard, but it will do nicely. What a lovely morning for running: cool, breezy, dry, with a colorful sunrise as we ran. I saw every kind of waterfowl overhead, gathering their strength for the winter trek south. Good group of runners: Jim, Gauss, Doug, George, Charlie, Paul, Wayne, and Cal, plus A & S and myself. Fine conversation before and after. No pain, no strain. Two more runs before boarding the airplane for NYC. :-)

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