Monday, October 30, 2006

Mon 2006 Oct 30, 6 mi, 47 deg

Alcoa-Maryville Greenway Trail 6 mi, 47:29, pace 7:55. I love this trail, through the woods along Pistol Creek, with streetlamps every 75 feet. I ran through the sunrise this morning, hearing the killdeer and many other bird songs as the sky brightened. In open places there was a ground fog, like a soft veil over the trail, disappearing as I approached. Met several other runners and walkers, trekking through the dimness, greeting each other as we pass. No pains, energetic run. Good prep for a marathon in 6 days.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 28, 5 mi, 40 deg

St Croix Valley Runners 5 mi, 39:20, pace 7:52. Started out in front slowly, expecting the group to catch up, but they ran even more slowly today so I picked up the pace, finishing way ahead. I like to run a hard 5k or 8k one week before a marathon. This wasn't real hard, but it will do nicely. What a lovely morning for running: cool, breezy, dry, with a colorful sunrise as we ran. I saw every kind of waterfowl overhead, gathering their strength for the winter trek south. Good group of runners: Jim, Gauss, Doug, George, Charlie, Paul, Wayne, and Cal, plus A & S and myself. Fine conversation before and after. No pain, no strain. Two more runs before boarding the airplane for NYC. :-)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thu 2006 Oct 26, 3 mi, 36 deg

Gateway Trail 3 mi, 23:00, pace < 8:00. Recovery run with JG, turned out to be a pretty aggressive pace. Excellent, cool morning, red sunrise through the trees lining the trail. Good conversation, just what a run should be. I was still a little tired from last night and Tuesday, but able to keep up. Didn't try to hold JG back this time. We walked a mile or so after the run too. No pains. Tomorrow is a day off, time for some yard work I hope.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wed 2006 Oct 25, 5.8 mi, 47 deg

Woodbury Runners 5.8 mi, 45:47, pace 7:54. Faster than intended, but that's normal with this bunch of roadrunners. After the 3-mile mark I took the shortcut and they went faster, going the full 6.2 miles in about the same time. Lovely, cool, clear evening, ran through the sunset. I wore a headlamp, and was glad for it toward the end. No problems. I feel very good, went to a party afterward for a law school classmate.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tue 2006 Oct 24, 8 mi, 40 deg

Gateway Trail 8 mi, 1:03:47, pace 7:58. What a wonderful run! Intended to run 8:30 or so, because I'll be with those Woodbury speedsters tomorrow, but just couldn't hold back. Probably a bit faster than 7:58 pace, because the mile markers on the trail have been removed for re-paving and I might have gone a little long before turning around. For sure not short. First mile 7:53, last mile 7:07; that marker was there. Also I walked for several minutes to take an incoming business call, and didn't subtract that time. Anyway it was a beautiful day to run, cool and windless with some clouds and some blue sky, plus the tail end of fall color. Passed by A & S twice on the trail; we parked at opposite ends of the run so each of us would have a water supply at our turnaround. No pains, no strain.  I feel great.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mon 2006 Oct 23, 4 miles, 37 deg

West Lakeland Four Miler, about 34 minutes, pace probably 8:30 or so. I forgot to put on my watch. Cool, breezy morning; I went mostly east & west to avoid the worst of the north wind. Just a nice, fairly easy run, no objective except to put down a few miles and feel better all day. No pains, no strain.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 21, 10k Race, 37 deg

Nerstrand Big Woods 10k Trail Race, 47:40, pace 7:40. Time is an estimate, because I didn't click my watch at the finish, but it's close. Nearly a minute faster than last year, even if not a blazing 10k pace. This race is probably not amenable to a blazing pace, with soft grass & dirt trails, but it is a lovely run through a beautiful woods consisting of several hardwoods and some conifers. Might be first in my age group - results not yet up as I write. Chatted briefly with a young man who confided that this would be his longest run ever, as he passed me by! Met Pat Brown, 70, whom I have seen at many races but whose name I didn't know. No real pains, just a very small warning from my right knee, just south of the kneecap a little to the right. Doubt it's a harbinger of bad news, though I always fret. Big party tomorrow, pig is already on site, life is good!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fri 2006 Oct 20, 2.3 mi, 34 deg

Afton trails 2.3 mi, 20:30, pace about 8:50. Distance is just a guess. Wonderful recovery run with JG, followed by coffee at the coffee shop in Afton, today being JG's birthday. Nice easy run, good conversation even during the run. We were surprised to find our feet slipping on the trail as we went over a bridge, where ice had formed overnight. Other than that minor scare, it was a great time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wed 2006 Oct 18, 5.8 mi, 38 deg

Woodbury Runners 5.8 mi, 47:04, pace 8:07. Plenty fast for my needs today - about the pace I want to run the NYC marathon. But I ran 22 miles just three days ago, so it seemed like plenty of work. Cool, misty evening, I wore knee protectors, shorts, one LS shirt, and a wind/rain jacket. Also gloves and ear protection. It got dark tonight before we finished. But a great run, never overly warm, ran with Pete, Jim M, and Scott, all much faster than I. They took the long route, going about 6.2 miles, and still finished with me. Good group to train with!

Tue 2006 Oct 17, 2 miles indoors

NSP Community Center indoor track 2 mi, 17:10, pace 8:35. First mile was 8:53, second mile 8:17. Interesting how the first mile is always slower, and that's so easy to see on a little track 13 laps per mile. Used Nike Pegasus shoes, did resistance training and stretches afterward. Just a little jog, no problems.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sun 2006 Oct 15, 21.75 mi, 47 deg

To Selma's Ice Cream in Afton & back, 21.75 mi, 3:13:34, pace 8:54. 37 degrees at the start, 57 at the end. I wore shorts with a long and a short tech shirt the whole way but was plenty warm toward the end. Unimpressive pace, but many excuses. Ran all the way up the big 8th St hill in Lakeland, 250-foot elevation gain in about 0.8 mi. Lots of stops for bathroom, water refills, chat w A & S (whom I passed twice enroute), and phone. Plus I ran an energetic 9+ miles yesterday. So this pace was fine, an ideal run-up to the NYC Marathon three weeks from now, especially considering a PR marathon just two weeks ago. I should be good to go! It's taper time, mayhaps even time right now for a beer and a few handfuls of cashews. Shower first. No serious pains, but the left side of the ball of the left foot does hurt a little (what else is new), and the Lisfranc joint on the left foot got cranky. I thought I was past that. Guess not, but of course it never really slows me down much. Thought I felt pain in the Lisfranc joint in the right foot too; nothing now. Just sympathetic, or is that a genetic weak spot that will eventually give trouble like the other one has? Time will tell. This was such a beautiful, sunny, colorful fall day. A perfect day for running, and a wonderful run. Wahoo!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 14, 5k race, 37 deg

Race for a Safe Place 5k, 23:36, pace 7:36. Not too fast, but good enough after an energetic 5 miles just a few minutes earlier. And with a 20-miler scheduled for tomorrow! Took first place in my 60-69 age group. Gosh what a difference in clothing! I wore two shirts, a wind jacket, and tights, which was plenty warm. But I passed guys with just shorts, no shirt, which in my opinion was not enough. Nine or 10 young women there from St Thomas ALL finished well ahead of me. Fast women at St Thomas :-) No pains except a little tenderness in the left of the ball of the left foot, not unusual.

Sat 2006 Oct 14, SCV Runners 5 mi, 36 deg

St Croix Valley Runners 5 mi, 41:40, pace 8:20. Very beautiful sunrise, cool and breezy, my first run with tights this fall. Ran with Tom mostly, then also Al who came late and took a shortcut to join us. Followed by Dave, George, Roy, and Candy, new to the group. Used brand-new Brooks Burn shoes, to break them in and test them out before the NYC Marathon next month. They're fine. No hurry this morning, with a 5k race coming up an hour later.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thu 2006 Oct 12, 4 mi, 56 deg

Alcoa-Maryville Greenway Trail 4 mi, 32:28, pace 8:07. Distance is approximate. Another very enjoyable romp through the woods, paved trail, electric lights every 75 feet or so. I love it. Didn't see another person this time, heard killdeer near the motel but no other wildlife. I wore two shirts, one too many, but what the heck it's a short run. No pains, no problems. Good way to start the day.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wed 2006 Oct 11, 8 miles, 63 deg

Alcoa-Maryville Greenway Trail 8 mi, 1:09:13, pace 8:39. Probably a bit faster, because the distance was probably a bit more. Anyway it was such an energizing run! Loping through the dark woods along Pistol Creek, seeing no one but another occasional runner, what a peaceful time. At the very end of the run the sky seemed to be brightening in the east, but not by much. Sprinkling toward the end - it felt good. I had intended to run 6 miles, but woke up a few minutes early and decided that 8 would fit in the time available before work. No pains, no problems. Today is a great day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mon 2006 Oct 9, 8 miles in the park, 47 deg

LE Regional Park 8.0 mi, 1:09:52, pace 8:44. Wanted to take it easy this morning and it worked! What a lovely, exhilarating run along the lake and the railroad tracks and through the park. A hawk screeched at me from a fence post as I entered the park, then flew off, discretion being the better part of valor for her. Nice comfortable pace, cool with a little breeze from the north, fall leaves brightening as the sun rose behind the clouds. Is this what running is really about? Maybe so. Slight pain in right knee went away as I ran. Calf muscles are yapping a little, but didn't cramp up. They need more stretches and a little massage.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 07, St Croix Valley 5 mi, 55 deg

St Croix Valley Runners 5.0 mi, 41:03, pace 8:13. Marathon pace again! A little faster than intended, but you get going with a particular runner and try to keep up. Randy, Dave, & Al went out ahead; I ran w Tom A and Gauss, followed by Paul, Roy, & Charlie. A & S walked with Cal & S. Good group - did I miss anyone? Cool and breezy, a beautiful fall morning with a red sunrise during the run. What a day! Afterward the outside part of the ball of my left foot hurts a little, and the right hamstring is still giving a little warning. Both calves are tight. Probably should have run a bit slower. Still feeling the effects of the marathon; easy does it (with stretches!).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wed 2006 Oct 4, 5.8 mi, 59 deg

Woodbury Runners 5.8, 48:00, pace 8:17. Huh - marathon pace, go figure. Rob, Bill, Jim, & Jack went out front, I ran w Al & then Pete caught up to the two of us. Very nice, enjoyable run. Plenty fast, but I nevertheless felt chilly during the run despite the relatively warm temp. Probably because of the wind and low humidity. I felt a little soreness in the front of the right knee, gone the next day. But a little soreness in the right hamstring the next day. Just a little.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sun 2006 Oct 1 Twin Cities Marathon, 59 deg average temp

Twin Cities Marathon 26.22 miles, 3:36:02, pace 8:14. I ran a dumb race, but mostly got away with it. Intended to run 8:05 until mile 20, then 8:35 to the end. Instead, I ran 7:53 to the half, and7:56 to the 20-mile, then 9:14 to the finish. Tsk. A lot of walk / running in that last 10k, sneaking peeks over my shoulder to see if LS or HL or ER were about to overtake me. But nope - I finished third of 39 in 65-69, first Minnesotan. Good enough. Furthermore, I ran a PR 30k (2:27:26) and a PR 20 miles (2:38:34). This was a good day to run, but not a great day. Temp was 48 at the start, but 69 at the finish. Kinda warm, plus there was a 10 mph wind most of the way, facing us much of the time. But I’m not aware that either the temp or wind bothered me very much. Quad muscles are sore tonight, and calves. More than usual after a marathon. Probably because of the pace and the temp; I may have let myself get a little too dehydrated. Some of the water cups weren’t very full, and I didn’t take a second one. Also, I never dumped water on my head, which I should have done. But no injuries; the sore muscles will repair themselves and become stronger. Other good news is that I don’t have an upset stomach. I ate a Clif bar at 3:00 am, five hours before the start, apparently without negative effect. I had some cramps in calf muscles around mile 22 or so, after climbing the hills, especially when I tried to slow down. But I took a packet of salt, and the cramps gradually subsided. :-)