Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sat 2006 Oct 21, 10k Race, 37 deg

Nerstrand Big Woods 10k Trail Race, 47:40, pace 7:40. Time is an estimate, because I didn't click my watch at the finish, but it's close. Nearly a minute faster than last year, even if not a blazing 10k pace. This race is probably not amenable to a blazing pace, with soft grass & dirt trails, but it is a lovely run through a beautiful woods consisting of several hardwoods and some conifers. Might be first in my age group - results not yet up as I write. Chatted briefly with a young man who confided that this would be his longest run ever, as he passed me by! Met Pat Brown, 70, whom I have seen at many races but whose name I didn't know. No real pains, just a very small warning from my right knee, just south of the kneecap a little to the right. Doubt it's a harbinger of bad news, though I always fret. Big party tomorrow, pig is already on site, life is good!

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