Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Running Yet

I rode the bike a little easier today, for 7.35 miles in under 40 minutes.  I timed one loop at 4.73 min/mi, or about 12.7 mph.  Two days ago I thought that pace was "fairly hard," but today it didn't seem hard.  I guess my bike muscles are becoming conditioned, or I'm learning how to use the gears to better advantage.

I'd rather be running.  Maybe I'll try it tomorrow.  Short, slow, easy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Still Riding the Bike

I ran just a few steps this morning, enough to assure myself that the right hamstrings still hurt and I shouldn't try a real run.  Back on the bike.  I do like the bike; it certainly helps with cardiopulmonary training even if it doesn't really do much for running muscles.

I rode exactly the same route as yesterday, two 3.53-mile figure-8's, once in each direction, splits of 16:01 lap 1, 16:09 lap 2, for a total of 7.06 miles in 32:10, pace 4.56 min/mi, or 13.2 mph.  That's slightly faster than yesterday, but I felt a little more tired at the end.  I did a lot of yard work yesterday too, so maybe I should feel a little tired.

Except for the right hamstrings, it's a masterpiece.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bike Again

The pulled right hamstring feels much better today - in fact, oddly, it felt better yesterday after I used the walk-behind mower for an hour and a half, and it's better still today.  It's not good enough to run on yet, though, so I rode a fairly-hard 7 miles on the park's paved trails.  That is really quite enjoyable - I want to keep running, but bike riding certainly is an acceptable alternative when running fails.

Today I rode a 3.53-mile figure-8 route twice, once in each direction, for 7.06 miles in 33:20, pace 4.72 min/mi, or 12.7 mph.  This was hard work but thoroughly enjoyable, and I could have kept going.  Splits: 16:48 lap 1, 16:32 lap 2.  After finishing I did keep riding to fill out the 40 minutes that my sweeties and I had agreed upon.

Except for the hamstring, it's a masterpiece!

Crap Crap Crap

Thursday, August 14

I don't like to cuss in my blog, but I'm thinking some very blue lines.  I went on the flat Gateway Trail this morning, doing an easy 1 to 2 run/walk, and got stopped just beyond mile 3. Another new injury, this time in the right hamstring, feeling like an injury that I fought many years ago, one that kept recurring.  I hope it's not the same one.  Today it hurt when I was running, but not walking, so maybe it will go away in a week or so, as the last two similar injuries have done.  I did turn around right away when the problem occurred, hopefully avoiding further injury.

That's three thigh injuries in less than a month, all in different places.  I have never had an injury severe enough to make me to drop out of a marathon (DNF = did not finish), but any of those injuries would have stopped me if they occurred in a marathon.  Today's happened after barely 3 miles, while running an easy marathon pace.  Am I just pushing too hard?  Maybe so.  I've been trying to keep the mileage to no more than 30 miles in any 7 days, and maybe that's too much.  Also, I've been running nearly every day, mostly because I like it, but running day after day doesn't allow much time for this ancient body to recover from tiny injuries and stresses.

The new plan: No more than 20 miles in any seven days, no hard running for a while, and no more than five days of running per week, preferably four.  Meantime, until I can run on this injury, I'm back on the bike.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Magnificent Run

Oh, I wish they could all be this good.  Perfect weather, I felt strong and invincible.  Five miles, no pains, no problems.  This time I ran on my favorite grass trails, rough and hilly.  I tried for a run/walk ratio of 1 to 2, but found myself running a little more than that, often charging up a hill when I could have walked, and running down the easy slopes too, but also occasionally walking down a steep slope when it was  time to run.  4.99 mi in 1:01:15, pace 12:16.

I think the pneumonia is almost gone, but not quite.  I have a pulse oximeter, which measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.  Prior to the pneumonia the oximeter would regularly show 98 or 99% blood oxygen, but now it regularly shows 96 or 97%.  That's up considerably from two weeks ago, but I probably won't be convinced that the pneumonia is completely gone until I regularly see 98 and 99% again.

Meantime I'll keep running - I doubt that the running interferes with that recovery.  I hope.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Post Number 1001

Imagine that - 1001 log entries.

I felt more like myself today, getting past the pneumonia, I think, and this morning I felt more normal than I have for a couple of weeks.

Nevertheless I still have the hamstring injury to deal with, so I did a fairly easy 1 to 2 run/walk on the paved trails, watching carefully for any signs of the injury, especially during the walk, which is where the original injury appeared.  I felt something in that thigh in the first two minutes, but it went away and the rest of the run was trouble-free.

The 3.53 miles were finished in 43:06, for a pace of 12:13.  No whining.  Ramping up now, probably 5 miles tomorrow.

First Run Since Injury

Monday, August 11, 2014:

I haven't tried to run for five days, since I injured the left hamstring.  Today I did a short run, just 2.07 miles, with no pain at all.  Yay!  Maybe I should have tried yesterday.  I did mostly a 2 to 3 run/walk, finishing in 25:13, for a pace of 12:07.  Not fast, but I'm still fighting the last of the pneumonia and I didn't try to walk fast - the hamstring injury appeared during walking, not running.

Now the trick is to ramp up the distance, stopping immediately if the hamstring just begins to hurt again.  I have a marathon in four weeks, and I couldn't possibly run it with the hamstring injury, so I have to ramp up to a pretty long run before we actually go, not only as training but to show myself that I can probably finish a marathon.