Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Warm Runs

Saturday, June 28, 2014:

St Croix Valley Runners:  I can't really keep up with the group on their 5-mile run yet, so today I took a shortcut that put me ahead of them.  Randy came by first, and then another runner that I haven't met yet, then new Jim and the Norwegian.  That was fun.

I finished 3.82 miles in 42:07, for a pace of 11:01.  Good enough.  This is a humid morning, with a temp of 72 and a dewpoint of 70

Breakfast after the runs.  Oatmeal and
blueberries beneath.  The only items NOT
organic are the kiwi, mango, and banana.
County Park:  After running with the St Croix Valley Runners we came home, changed shoes, and went back out to run on the grass trails in the park.  I ran 6.08 miles, for a total of 10:00 on the day.  Time for this run was 1:14:04, for a pace of 12:11.  I thought I was going faster, actually, but my legs did feel tired, especially toward the end.  Excuses:  (1) a strenuous run yesterday; (2) more miles than usual today (almost 10); (3) I took water between the runs today but didn't take any with me on the six-mile run, so I may have been a bit dehydrated; and (4) the air was warm and humid, 77 with a dewpoint of 72.  Nice day to nap in a hammock but I never do that - I'd rather run.

Whining:  I did feel a slight warning the right-knee PFS, so now I'm thinking that the Nike Wildhorse trail shoes don't protect me from that problem any more than my usual Brooks Launch shoes do, but the PFS never became a real issue in this run.

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