Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trail Shoes

I tried the grass trails around Eagle Lake today, and found them surprisingly dry.  Distance 3.73 miles, time 41:41, pace 11:11.  Really?  That's actually a pretty good pace for grass trails, even though the running wasn't all that great, with the thermometer at 77 degrees and bright sun.  A breeze did help.  Today's trail had very few water obstacles, and in fact my shoes came back cleaner than they were when I started.

I've been using old pairs of my regular Brooks Launch shoes for trail running, and they seem to work fine.  However, last August I bought a pair of Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse trail shoes (where DO they get the names?) and haven't really tested them, so I tried them two days ago and again today.  They seem to work fine - feel very good - lighter than the Launch by one little ounce per pair.  I'll be looking for problems with the right-knee PFS, or for freedom from that problem.

Anyway I don't find that exact model for sale at Nike now, so maybe it doesn't matter.  I don't like to use shoes that I can't replace.  I was quite disappointed when Brooks discontinued the Launch, and heartened when they brought the Launch back to life.

Road closed to ALL traffic
St Croix River. Stillwater, MN

No whining today.  No PFS, no phony DVT, nothing.  It's a good day.  In fact, I had my regular myeloma checkup this morning (before the run) and the myeloma is still stable.  Yay!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014:

More rain last night.  Oh, please stop!  Anyway we used the paved trails again, though I would always prefer the grass trails.  The weather cooperated this time, however, a windy 57 degrees with cloudy skies.  Nice.  I wore a long-sleeved shirt and was glad for it.

4.95 miles in 55:00 for a pace of 11:07.  No pains.  In particular, yesterday's fake DVT that took me to the ER was gone completely, no trace left. Yesterday I could easily find the exact spot with my fingers (ouch), and today there was no spot.  Go figger.  I'm a little embarrassed that I went in, but only a little.

No whining at all today.

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