Friday, June 27, 2014

No Walking - Almost

I'd like to be able to run without walking at all, as I did when I was younger, say 65 instead of 73.  Somehow I lost that ability while I was nursing my hernia or my right-knee PFS, or when I was taking dexamethasone for the myeloma.  Anyway I want it back!  So today I ran the 3.53-mile loop (figure 8 actually), and got within a half mile of the finish before I overheated and had to take a few 20-second walk breaks.  The temperature was 77 with sun and very high humidity.

Age group award just received from
the Nashville Country Music Marathon
I finished in a time of 33:51 (seemed longer!) for a pace of 9:35.  Honestly I thought I was running pretty slowly, so this is better than expected.
Breathing indicated a race pace for most of the way, though, so it was probably about as good as I could do in that weather.  Train more at this pace, lose ten or fifteen pounds, I can do better.

No whining. It's a masterpiece. West loop pace 9:51, east loop pace 9:24 despite the three little walks.

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