Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six-Mile Tempo Run

Two days ago I ran six miles on the North St Paul Community Center track, and today the same distance at the Woodbury YMCA.  Today, though, it seemed like more work.  Is the distance actually a bit longer?  Was I still feeling the effects of Friday’s run?  Was it yesterday’s overeating?  I don’t know, but I was breathing as if it were a race pace for the whole last mile.   The finish time was within 5 seconds of Friday’s time, though, so it’s fine.  Good run, I don't mind some work.

Whining:  Again the right knee complained slightly after the run but not during.  And today the left hip joint ached a bit, as it has done occasionally for ten years now.  I might need to try a different brand of glucosamine supplement.

Splits: 9:43, 9:32, 9:32, 9:42, 9:51, 9:40, total 58:00, pace 9:40.

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