Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eight Good Miles

I had planned to do this 8-mile run without walking, but I hadn't had such a good run two days ago and I’m a little under the weather from a cold, so I decided to switch to run/walk.  Oddly, though, I was able to go slightly faster for eight miles today than for six miles Tuesday, when I ran without walking.

Why is that?  Possibilities: (1) Maybe the track I used today (Woodbury YMCA) is actually a bit shorter than they say it is.  It seems right, but I've never measured it, and I have measured the track in North St Paul where we ran Tuesday; (2) Maybe, for whatever reason, this was just a better day for me despite the slight illness; or (3) maybe the run/walk approach really does work.  I know I have to use it in a marathon, or I’d never finish, but I’m surprised that the average pace is good at the 6-8 mile distance.  In this case I ran a lap and a half (13 laps per mile) and then walked a half lap, repeat, running the odd 13th lap without walking.

Whining: Nil.  I felt pretty good during this run, and afterward too.  It didn't cure the cold, but also didn't make it worse.

Splits: 10:04, 9:41, 9:40, 9:40, 9:41, 9:45, 9:42, 9:32, total 1:17:45, average pace 9:43.

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