Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hydration Is the Key

I think it is.  I’ve done five different 6-mile runs lately, all at a pace of about 9:45, some of them seeming relatively easy and others seeming more difficult, and I’ve speculated about why.  Now I’m beginning to think that the differences could be due mostly to hydration the day before.

Exercise experts do say that senior citizens are less likely than others to know if they are under-hydrated, and I believe that’s true for me - I don’t feel thirsty when I should.  I have no idea about my hydration the days before the previous four runs, but yesterday I did try to drink more water and eat more fruit (grapefruit, apple, orange) than usual.  Today, that seemed to pay off.

I had a great run, enjoyable throughout, on the indoor track of the North St Paul Community Center.  I did my run/walk this time, running a lap and a half or a bit more, and walking (fast) a half lap or a bit less.  As I’ve discovered recently, I can do six miles at a ten-minute pace rather easily using a ratio like that, more easily than running the whole way at that same pace.

Good run, whining: none.  I do feel a little more tired than usual afterward, but I have a cold and I think it’s more about that than it is about the run.  Remedy: Zinc lozenges, vitamin C, chicken soup, warmth, plenty of sleep, repeat for a week or two.  Sigh.

Splits: 9:59, 9:45, 9:46, 9:46, 9:48, 9:42, total 58:46, average pace 9:48.

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