Saturday, February 10, 2007

Very Strange Run

NSP Community Center 3+ miles in 36 minutes, pace: glacial. We three went to the Valentines Run this morning, having registered long ago. We picked up our lovely red technical shirts and left, wimping out because of the cold weather. I do suppose it was a nice run, though. The temp at the 10:00 am race start was minus 2, with a 6 mph wind. But we need better face covers than we have, and maybe better shoes, to run around that lake when the wind chill is minus 11.

On the indoor track at the Community Center I still felt some of the pain that had started Thursday, though it was much less sharp than before. I ran a mile at a 9:00 pace, then slowed a lot and ran a little over two miles in 27 more minutes. The pain was barely noticeable the rest of the way, and the thigh didn’t feel like it was being injured further. I’ll know tomorrow, when I try to run again. Sorry to say, this little injury has made itself the focus of training, with the marathon coming in eight days. Make it better, not worse, even if that means little or no running during the last week of taper.

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