Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Marathon Taper Run

NSP Community Center indoor track 5 mi in 49:54, pace 9:59. Because the pain in the upper inside left thigh has appeared only at speeds faster than 9 min/mi, the pace for this run was deliberately cranked down to 10 min/mi. That’s slower than I’ve ever run on that track, and it took an effort to keep the pace down, especially with people passing me. Nevertheless, it felt good and was probably quite appropriate during the last days of marathon taper. NO PAINS of any kind, so I’m sure that no further damage was done to the thigh injury. What a cheerful thought. Splits: 10:09, 9:52, 9:52, 10:00, 10:02.

For a 3:45 goal in the marathon, the average pace will have to be about 8:35, and faster on the downhills. Will the thigh handle it? We’ll find out on marathon day. Meanwhile, three more miles tomorrow and three on Friday, all at 10 min/mi.

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