Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oops - It Hurts to Run

When I started to run, I felt a sharp, persistent pain in the inside of the left thigh, near the very top of the leg. Neither the hamstrings nor the quads, but somewhere in between I think. Oddly, there was no pain when walking, running in place, or doing stretches. Only when running forward. I suppose something got pulled during the energetic last mile of Tuesday’s run, though I certainly didn’t notice it then.

So I stopped running and walked a bit, then did the normal upper-body training and then stretches. The club's “torso twist” machine also made the leg hurt; I skipped that one. Here’s hoping that this is a minor and temporary setback; I’d hate to have to walk the upcoming marathon, though that could be fun too. Meanwhile, easy does it and NO running on pain. Perhaps I'll run in place to try to preserve fitness.

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walchka said...

Hope it's nothing serious. I'm sure you'll be back to it in real short order.