Thursday, February 22, 2007

Feel-good Run


NSP Commuity Center 4 mi in 33:12, pace 8:18. Today was supposed to be another recovery run, at whatever pace felt good. For some reason, it felt good to run a little faster than marathon pace. Walk, jog, run 4 mi (timed), walk, stretch. Breathing six footfalls per full breath at the start, then five, and four at the end. Slight pain in the left-hip bursa, nothing to worry about. Otherwise, I feel almost recovered from Sunday’s marathon. Whoopee! Splits: 8:41, 8:22, 8:14, 7:56.


Cancer labs today. I peed in a bottle all day yesterday and last night (24-hour urine collection) and gave several little tubes of blood at the clinic today before the run. On March 1, the doctor will advise us of the results. I hope to see that the thalidomide has driven the major cancer markers down a bit. Whether that has happened or not, the doctor will probably prescribe thalidomide for at least another month. Meanwhile, today is a masterpiece!

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