Saturday, December 09, 2006

What a Day to be Alive

Running in the sunrise is such a rush. Five miles with good friends, 39:00 minutes, pace 7:48, temperature 27. The fastest I’ve run since NYC over a month ago. Feels wonderful! Hamstrings are silent, all is well, fingers are crossed. I ran out front with Tom, followed by Doug, Roy, Candy, Gauss, Cal, Paul, Dave, George, and A & S. Nice group. We started slowly, but I think Tom and I just kept going faster and faster. I could see him cutting back a little now and then so that he didn’t outpace me - he’s really quite a bit faster. But we both enjoyed it. The others finished several minutes behind us.

Canada Geese.  Click to enlarge
Canada geese on the edge of the ice, enjoying sunrise on Lake Woebegone. There is still plenty of food in the harvested cornfields, but these will head south when the lakes freeze over completely.

Time to order new shoes. I do most of my running in Brooks Burns, a lightweight but cushioned trainer/racer, currently on my 12th pair. Three pairs in play at any given time, using the newest for racing, next-newest for training, third-newest for walking and lounging around. When the training pair reaches 300 miles I get a new pair for racing and everything gets shifted down. Right now that pair is at 231 miles, so I have about two weeks left. I have quite a collection of retired shoes; I need to get them to a shoe-recycling center. I get the best price for the Brooks Burn at RNJ Sports

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