Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Days, Bad Days

I don’t believe that good days and bad days just happen. I think there is always a reason why I can run more easily one day than another, but I frequently don’t know what that reason is. If I can figure it out, perhaps I can make the next race day a good day. Today’s run was at the NSPCC, 4 miles in 31:59, for a pace of 8:00, which is a wannabe PR marathon pace for me. Surprising to me, my heart rate leveled off at 143, which is lower than Tuesday’s rate of 146, even though the pace that day was significantly slower at 8:37. Today was a good day, Tuesday wasn’t bad but wasn’t this good. But why?

Looking back: I had a latte before running both days, nothing else; ate well the day before but didn’t really “carb up;” got a good night’s sleep both nights. The only big difference is the water and gels along the way on Tuesday. That could be it, the increased demands for blood flow, but I suspect there is something else too, just don’t know what. Next week I’ll do the gels and water again at the 8:37 pace and we’ll see. :)

Lake Woebegone, click to enlarge
Today’s view of Lake Woebegone. Clear, cold, crisp. A beautiful day. We ran indoors at the NSPCC again; the temperature at the lake was three degrees. But even indoors we could look out on the beauty of this day. Splits 8:03, 7:59, 7:56, 8:00. Four footfalls per full breath after the first two miles, which is just dandy. Felt good all the way, no hamstring pain at all, either during or after. Whaddayaknow.

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