Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Day for Geese and Runners

Legion Neighborhood 6 mi in 47:42, pace 7:57. Whoops - this was supposed to be an easy day. A sub-8 pace on a hilly course is a tempo run for me, not an easy jog. How does that happen? When I finished the first three miles at an 8:11 pace I decided to slow down. But in fact I speeded up to 7:43 without realizing it. Wish I could nail down a pace and stick to it, like I can on the indoor track. Breathing was appropriate, four footfalls per breath.

As they prepare to go south, the geese glean grain from the harvested cornfields, spending the rest of their time at the edge of the ice.  Here they can hop into the water at the first sign of a predator.
Despite the complaining, it was a lovely run. Past the geese on the lake in both directions, and frequently hearing their cackling cacophony overhead as I ran the neighborhood streets. They’re ready to go south, but won’t leave until the lake freezes over. I’ll just switch days and do the easy run tomorrow :-) Ramping up the mileage, going to 35 this week with 30 in the bank already. Five more tomorrow will finish it.

No noticeable effect from the thalidomide yet, except two good nights’ sleep. :-)

Note: Peter Boyle, widely acclaimed comedy actor, died yesterday of myeloma and heart disease. Sigh.


Michael said...

You'll have to send me a map of this run. I like to mix the hills from time to time.

Glad to hear you haven't had any side effects yet!

Don said...

Thanks Mike. I'll send it ...