Saturday, December 30, 2006

St Croix Valley Runners, 5 mi, 35 deg

St Croix Valley Runners 5 miles in 44:13, pace 8:51. Slow start today, and we all stopped briefly when Paul took a spill. But I’m happy with the time since I’ll be doing 12 miles tomorrow. At the 7:00 am start it was dark, misty, and sloppy. Enroute it was muddy as well. I’d rather have snow. But these are my people and I run with them regardless. Today I chased after Mike, followed by Paul, Cal, Roy, Charlie, Dave, and A & S.

Saddam was executed today. He won’t be missed much, at least not by many.

My waking HR, normally about 48, was 40 this morning. Thalidomide at work.

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