Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Endorphins: The Opiate of the Muscles

NSP Community Center indoor track, 16 mi 2:15:23, pace 8:28. This felt like marathon pace today. In fact I think maybe it’s the pace I will shoot for in the marathon next month, around 8:25 to 8:30. No pains except: (1) a muscle pull or something in my back just above the left hip bone, maybe from going 216 laps in the same direction (that’s 864 corners); and (2) some stomach upset later (now). I do have problems with stomach upset after hard runs, especially long ones, but usually not if I don’t eat within four hours of the run. In this case it was all night; I ran in the morning with only black coffee for breakfast. Maybe it’s the gels. I don’t much like those, but haven’t found anything I like better. Otherwise I feel great! Those old endorphins. Mostly five and four-breathing until the last mile. Splits: 8:38, 8:22, 8:38, 8:18, 8:39, 8:25, 8:49, 8:20, 8:40, 8:19, 8:39, 8:17, 8:39, 8:15, 8:43, 7:42. Good last mile; it says there was something left in the tank. Water every two miles, gels at 2, 6, 10, & 14. Looks like I lose 20 to 25 seconds at each water stop; I do walk while I drink.

The dreadmill has three advantages over this track: Constant speed, “hills,” and no corners. But the track has advantages too: A facing wind, the opportunity to change up pace more easily, and actual obstacles like other people. It’s more realistic. Most important for now, the track is the best preparation for the Zoom! Yah! Yah! indoor marathon next month. By the way, as of yesterday there were only three openings left in that marathon. Better call the race director right away if you’re interested.

The plumbing project so far seems to be a success. Most of the water has drained from the well pit now, and I found only one slightly suspicious possible oozy leak in all of those joints. But it could be water left from the startup, so I wiped it dry and we’ll find out later. Even if it is a leak, it doesn’t seem bad enough to bother with. And it was near a “union” joint, so it might go away just by tightening that joint a bit; it’s only hand tight now. Time will tell.


walchka said...

16 miles on a track! I just couldn't do it...I would have been gouging my eyes out by mile 5. Nice work Don!

Don said...

Yup it's a real snooze. And I have a 20-miler scheduled next week - uff-da