Friday, January 15, 2016

Unintended Run

Actually a walk.   I had thought I would take today off, just a little rest to avoid any injuries.  But then I decided to do an easy walk instead, to keep the muscles working, in preparation for tomorrow's longer, faster walk/run.

No running today, except for a few little jogs to get ahead of traffic on the YMCA track.  The walking was slower, too, about 64 seconds per lap compared with yesterday's 56 seconds.  As a result I didn't breathe hard, and didn't even sweat much.  Just a nice, quick walk, a little faster than 4 MPH, a pace I could probably maintain for 22 more miles.

No whining.  Hopefully a longer run tomorrow, we'll see.

Splits: 13:58, 13:49, 13:52, 13:53, total 55:32, average pace 13:53

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