Friday, January 01, 2016

Last Run of 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015:

Twelve miles, the longest run since the Seattle marathon, and it was a complete success.  That's 156 laps on a track that goes around a basketball court and a little gym.  It's boring as can be, except better than a treadmill.  I ran just one lap of each of the 13-lap miles, walking the rest as fast as I could, except in the last two miles I ran two of the laps.

No problems, no whining.  I took water at Mile 4 and again at Mile 9 or so, and stopped in Mile 5 for a nature break, but otherwise just kept going.  Could I have kept going for the full 26 miles?  Of course, but probably not at this pace.  That's OK.

Last Tuesday I got some modestly good news about the current myeloma regimen, blogged here.

Splits:  12:41, 12:46, 12:37, 12:50, 13:05, 12:58, 12:58, 13:00, 12:53, 12:57, 12:41, 12:42, total 2:34:07, overall pace 12:51.

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