Saturday, January 23, 2016

Four Miles at Speed

Saturday, January 23, 2016:

We three have taken turns with a stomach bug this week.  Though we're not all over it yet, we have gone back to the YMCA to keep in shape for the upcoming marathon, now not far away.

I'm almost over it, barely a little discomfort left, and while I didn't do quite as well today as last Saturday, today's run was just fine!  I walked 12 laps of each 13-lap mile, as fast as I could, and ran the 13th lap, except in the last mile I ran three of the laps.

No whining, no problems.  Two more runs before we head for the marathon.

Mile splits: 12:17, 12:06, 12:16, 11:45, total 48:25, average for 4 miles 12:06

Friday, January 22:

This was the first real "run" since completing the eight miles last Saturday.  I kept it short, because of recent stomach difficulties, but had no problems at all.

Mile splits:  12:14, 12:11, 12:20, total 36:45, overall pace for 3 miles 12:15.

Wednesday, January 20:

Because of a little tummy trouble I took it very easy at the YMCA today, in fact starting quite slow and gradually picking up speed, mostly walking, running only rarely to get out ahead of a bunch-up on the track.

No whining.  I would love to do this pace for a whole marathon - we'll see.

Mile (13-lap) splits: 14:11, 13:25, 12:56, total 40:32, average pace for 3 miles 13:31.

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