Monday, January 11, 2016

Back On

This morning the swelling in my left foot was almost gone, as was the black-and-blue, so I went to the YMCA for a three-mile walk.

The little toe hurt at first, once in a while, when I didn't step exactly right.  However, that mostly went away as I walked 12 laps of each mile and ran the last one, kind of flat-footed.

I walked more slowly than usual, and ran quite slowly.  Afterward the foot showed no increased swelling or increased evidence of bruising.  Apparently the toe is recovering, but slowly.  I'm thinking that I should wear a warm sock on it in bed, to promote healing by keeping it extra warm.

A longer run is coming up Wednesday.

Mile splits: 15:03, 13:33, 13:33, total 42:08, average pace 14:03.  That will do for now.

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