Thursday, January 14, 2016

Eight Miles in Two Runs

We went to the YMCA twice today, and I did a four mile walk/run each time.  We have been reading that two runs in one day provide more training benefit than the same runs on successive days, so we tried it.

First: NO WHINING!  No problems with anything, not even the sore left little toe.

Second: The walk/runs were almost identical, only 19 seconds difference in their total times, and the times would have been even closer if I hadn't run (instead of walking) one more lap in the second run.

Third:  I walked 12 laps of each 13-lap mile, and ran the 13th, except in the last mile I ran two of the laps in the first run and three of the laps in the second.

Fourth: I ran 3 miles on Monday, 4 miles yesterday, 8 miles today, for 15 so far this week.  I plan to run 8 more on Saturday, for 23 for the week, and I guess that's my "long run" leading up to the upcoming marathon.

Splits run # 1:  12:06, 11:48, 11:48, 11:13, total 46:54, average pace 11:44
Splits run # 2:  12:00, 11:55, 11:46, 10:53, total 46:35, average pace 11:39

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