Friday, July 05, 2013

Six Days Running

I rarely run more than two days in a row, but this week I ran at least five miles for five days in a row and the Marine on St Croix downhill 4-Mile Fourth of July Race on the sixth day.  Total miles for the week: 32.3, which is about my limit.  I took the next day off.

Runners assembling for the race

Summer on our deck
I ran that 4.1 mile race in 38:05, for a pace of 9:17, about two minutes slower than I ran it two years ago.  I'm a little disappointed in the time, but had run a lot in the days before, including a pretty hard 6-mile run the previous day, so hadn't expected to do too well.  Happily no pains, no problems.

These days the trails in the park are calling me when I wake.  It's mighty easy to get out and run.

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Running Librarian said...

Way to bust out a bunch of miles!