Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shin Splints

This morning I intended to take it easy, maybe a 12-minute pace, but when I got to the park I decided to do some hill training instead.  On a 7.56-mile route I ran/walked 20/20, but ran up every significant hill and down all but the steepest ones, so the ratio was much higher than 20/20.  I finished in 1:26:18, for a pace of 11:25, almost identical to yesterday's pace, where I went faster on the flats but walked many of the hills.

Whining: The pain in the right tibia was there again for the first half mile or so.  I ran 34.2 miles this week, which is plenty for me - I'll cut it back next week.  Shin splints stay away!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013:

I ran on the park's grass trails again, doing a 30/20 run/walk.  This was a very nice, dry morning with a cool northwest breeze.  If It weren't for a few wet spots in the trail, my shoes wouldn't have gotten wet at all.  I ran 5.94 miles in 1:07:27, for a pace of 11:21.  That's good - I like to run at least my marathon pace, about 11:30.

Whining: The right tibia (shin bone) hurt just a little in the first half mile or so, on the inside edge of the bone about two inches below the knee joint.  The beginning of shin splints maybe?  I hope not.  I have felt this before, some time ago, and it resolved by itself.  Shin splints usually appear when a runner increases his/her mileage or tempo too quickly, more than 10% per week, and I have indeed been running more often and more miles per week.  Perhaps I should reel it back in a bit.  Hate to do that on these lovely summer mornings.

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