Monday, July 29, 2013

Eight Miles on the Park's Paved Trails

There is oatmeal under there
The sprained foot is almost well now, and I can run any distance on it as long as I don't twist the foot sideways.  I did a 30/20 run/walk which usually results in a pace of about 11 minutes/mile, and sure enough it did today too.  In fact I did three loops and the pace was almost exactly the same for each.

Whining: Nothing from the sprained left foot, but the right knee with PFS and the right "shin splints" both complained slightly, if only briefly.  It was a lovely run, temperature 52 to 60 degrees, with bright son and no wind.

Laps: 27:26, 27:25, 31:48 (extra 0.7 mi), total 1:26:40, 7.93 mi, overall pace 10:56.

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David McClain said...

Great job! Keep the miles up and the pace down!