Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cool, Breezy Mornings

Sunday, July 28, 2013:

We just wanted to fire up the metabolism a bit this morning, so we went to the park where I ran only 2.5 miles.  I didn't walk any of it though, so the pace was a little more lively than usual, 2.5 miles in 24:24 for 9:43 per mile.

Mulberries from our own volunteer
tree, a few weeks ago.  The little
stems don't bother at all.
Whining:  None.  Even the sprained left foot was quiet.  It’s not entirely healed yet, so I’m not taking it out on my favorite twisty, rutty grass & dirt trails yet, but pretty soon!

What a wonderful morning for running, 57 degrees and breezy.  I actually wore a long-sleeved shirt.

Saturday, July 27:

Five more miles in the park.  I didn't wear a watch, but I think that my time was about the same as yesterday so my pace would be about the same too, 11 minutes per mile.  I ran/walked a 30/20 ratio, more or less, running a little more uphill than down because of the injured left foot. That foot is getting better every day.  54 degrees this morning!

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