Sunday, July 08, 2007

Too Many Food Pix

Running is on hold because of plantar fasciitis. I'll see the sports-medicine podiatrist about that Tuesday.

I've been taking pictures of the meals that Sunshine makes for me, and posted about that recently. These are the real food that we actually eat. We probably don't eat perfectly, but Sunshine is pretty smart about foods that are good for all of us and which might also help me with my cancer.

Right now there are too many pictures in the "to be published" folder, so it's time to publish a couple of days worth. They get bigger if you click them.

Organic gluten-free pancake breakfast
Organic gluten-free pancakes (organic oats, organic corn, no-aluminum baking powder, sea salt, organic eggs, organic milk, walnut oil), organic nectarine, organic pecans, dark maple syrup. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 8. Good breakfast after a long run or the day before a marathon.

Salmon patty lunch
Spinach feta salmon patties from Whole Foods (Wild Alaska salmon, spinach, feta cheese, sea salt, black pepper, anise, fennel, garlic, parsley, paprika, canola oil, breadcrumbs), blackcurrant jam, organic strawberries. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 9.

Ham and vegetable dinner
Hormone- and nitrate-free ham, organic butternut squash with organic sweet potato, local organic carrot, vidalia onion, two kinds of organic cheese, organic beans, almonds. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 6.

Breakfast for a hungry Don
From the bottom: Organic oatmeal, organic milk, blueberries in season, organic nectarine, banana, organic strawberries, organic cashews. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 6. Life is good!

Lunch of leftovers
Smoked wild-caught Alaska salmon, no-hormone no-nitrite ham, broccoli, organic strawberries, organic black seedless grapes. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 5.

Calling it 'chicken dinner' doesn't do it justice
Lemon-pepper free-range grilled chicken, broccoflower (honest!), organic "wild" lingonberry preserves, vinegar cucumbers. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 4. Broccoflower is really pretty good.

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