Monday, December 18, 2006

Victory Has Been Had

The old pressure tank. Click to enlarge
I hope! So far so good. This is a top view of the old, leaking pressure tank. It's in a "well pit," which once also contained the well itself but now has only the pressure tank. Because of the leak, the pit has about four inches of water in it after some bailing. Work was done in overshoes.

New pressure tank system.  Click to enlarge
Here's the new system. Lots more fittings and components required to meet current code (though we don't overly fret about that in Lake Woebegone). A total of 32 different joints, mostly threaded pipe joints and glued plastic joints. No leaks, or at least none that spurted. Yet. I'll check for oozy leaks tomorrow. We were without water for about five hours, including TWO more trips to Menards. The water in the well pit will slowly leak out and eventually the floor will be dry. I took a shower, and we do seem to have more pressure than before.

The old, rusty stuff.

Still no side effects from the thalidomide. I'm going to stop saying that until there are any. Maybe there won't be. Long run tomorrow.

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walchka said...

Nice work on fixing your well. It would have taken me at least a 1/2 dozen trips to the store. :)

Woohoo for no side effects!