Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006, 7.0 mi, 34 deg

What a lovely sunrise run! Seven miles in 59:02, pace 8:26, up main
street and west along the RR tracks, then back. I love that crummy
two-rut dirt road beside the track, made of soft earth strewn with rocks
from the rail bed. Slightly hazardous, slower than pavement, but
secluded, flat, and straight. Today, with the leaves gone, it offered
broad vistas of the countryside interspersed with forest. In the red
sunrise, it was a spectacular run. I probably should have gone farther.
No pains worth mentioning. This is what running is all about. Racing is
just the frosting on the nut-filled, cherry-laced marble-chocolate bundt
cake of this day's run. It's a masterpiece.

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Michael said...

It defiantly was a ridiculously nice weekend. Way to take advantage of the nice weather.