Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Swans A-Swimming

Tri-Lakes six miles in about 52 - 53 minutes, pace sub-9. Excellent recovery run with J, who is faster but seemed content with my easy-going pace today. Route includes some hills, which have been quite missing in all of the recent indoor track running. I felt stiff at first, but that was gone within a mile. No pains, no strains. Temperature 35.

Swans with the geese on Lake Woebegone, click to enlarge
The sun rose behind clouds this morning, but I love to run at sunrise regardless. It feels like the whole world is being refreshed, reborn, and I’m privileged to be there to watch it. The geese are still sitting on the ice in Lake Woebegone, but their tenure is limited now. We saw swans a few days ago, probably Whistling Swans , but if so they’re a bit out of their normal range.


Dori said...

Great picture, how nice to see swans in the wild. It cracks me up that you call a sub-9 pace, "easy-going."

Don said...

I know what you mean about pace. There are guys who think that 7:30 or 8:00 is an easy pace. Hard to imagine.