Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oh Glucosamine, I Need You

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Deviled eggs
Christmas cookies
My daughter's patented chocolate-chocolate brownies
Nuts & snacks
Chocolate trifle
Oh tannenbaum
Super slippers
NSP Comunity Center 7 mi 58:18, pace 8:20. This was an odd day, I felt lethargic but still had a good pace without forcing it at all. I have no reasonable explanation. I did switch to newer shoes; could that help? The last mile was faster without a lot of extra effort. Maybe all of those Christmas carbs make me feel heavy but nevertheless provide the energy for a relatively short run like this? Splits: 8:36, 8:10, 8:19, 8:23, 8:27, 8:29, 7:54.

Anyway I had no pains except a little soreness in my right butt which I know is due to arthritis. I’m a big believer in glucosamine (and maybe chondroitin) and I’ve been slacking off on it because I ran out during the holiday season. I’ll get back to 1500 mg per day, and that hip will feel better again.

Wonderful Christmases, three dinners in a row. I got some nice new slippers that look like running shoes, the perfect gift for a runner. My old slippers, now worn through, look like two mugs of Guinness. That’s also quite appropriate for me.

Fifteen days on the thalidomide and no rash. Yay! In fact, no side effects except two unmentionable ones that are really pretty minor. Most of the side effects are temporary, meaning that they exist while you take the drug and then they stop. The side effect that everyone most fears is called “peripheral neuropathy.” That means numbness or tingling in the fingers and toes, sometimes even feet and legs. It can be a permanent condition, and it makes life a bit harder.

I’m trying to imagine how it would be to drive a car without being able to tell when my foot was touching the gas pedal or brake pedal. I check for any sign of this every night when I go to bed, and I’ll stop the thalidomide immediately if I detect it coming on. I get the impression that almost everyone will eventually develop some peripheral neuropathy if they use enough thalidomide for a long enough time.

For now, though, all is well. It’s another beautiful day in Lake Woebegone. Twenty-miler coming up Thursday. :-)


Audrey said...

Oh yes, I have so bought those slipper shoes for my mom!! Love 'em! Take care!

Don said...

I just tried them on for the first time. They're cushioned with about a half inch of foam; feels like I'm on a trampoline! Gonna like these ...

walchka said...

wow....that's a lot of food! :)

Happy Holidays Don...

Beth said...

Yum. Food. :) If I were still on dex, I'd have to eat it ALL.