Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chicago Lakefront Trail

Sunday, June 1, 2014:

We three met up with a friend and ran down Chicago's riverside trail and then the Lakefront Trail once again.  Downtown Chicago is such a nice place to run. We went south to the aquarium again, as  yesterday, but there is another whole world of running to the north of the river.  I'll do that another time.

Three guys in a booth, trying to
persuade insurance companies
that our lives are worth it

More than five miles, according to my friend's GPS, in about an hour.

No whining - very nice time.  It's a masterpiece.

Saturday, May 31:

Lovely morning run on the lakefront.  Starting at State & Wacker, down the stairs, out to the lake and south, then part way around the aquarium.  After showers and breakfast we took the shuttle to the ASCO conference and did booth duty for the rest of the day.  See Myeloma Hope.

No whining.  It's a masterpiece.

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