Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not a DVT

June 24, 2014:

That's the bottom line.  After a nice if somewhat soggy run on the park's grass trails, I went to the ER in Stillwater to check on a rather localized pain in the center of my right calf.  At first I thought it was just a little cramp in one small muscle, but it persisted, on and off through the run and afterward, so I took it to the ER.  The ultrasound was negative, and the ER doc said that he would expect swelling and maybe redness if it were a DVT.  We still don't know what it is, though, and it's still there, so I'm still paying attention.

The run was just lovely, with a perfect temperature and bright sun.  Trails were wet where they are never wet, though.  In one usually dry place, ducks were swimming right in the middle of the trail.  My cold is back, this time in my throat instead of my head, so I took it easy.  Further, I had to tiptoe past a few water hazards, so my time for the 3-mile run was 40:00 minutes, for a pace of 13:17.  Uff-da, not good!  I had fun though.  No whining except for the strange calf pain.

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