Friday, June 20, 2014

Too Hot

81 degrees with a dewpoint of 69 does not make comfortable running.  The bright sun made it even warmer, and the modest breeze didn't quite compensate for that.

Oh complain.  I had a good run anyway, doing a 1 to 1 walk/run, 5.26 miles in 58:41, for a pace of 11:10.  I had energy left to speed up in the last few hundred yards, but if I had gone much farther at any speed I would have needed water - my shorts and shirt were soaked through.

No whining, though.  Knees, hips, muscles all felt good.  It's a masterpiece.

First loop pace 11:23, second loop 11:07, third 11:03, average 11:10 for 5.26 miles.  Not bad considering.

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