Friday, June 13, 2014

Like A Dog Straining at the Leash

We don't have a dog, but that's how I feel myself on a day like today as we head for the park.  I just can't wait to get started on the run.  And it was so worth it today, 70 degrees and sunny, with little or no wind, perfect for sitting in the shade sipping on a hot tea, and only a little too warm for running if I were picky.  I wasn't - I loved it and felt strong all the way.

I ran on the grass trails, finding them very nice indeed - in fact my usually-muddy shoes were cleaner by far after I finished the run than before I started.  I did a one to one run/walk, going 5.16 miles in 59:56, for a pace of 11:37.

Whining: Just a little warning from the PFS in the right knee after I ran hard up a steep hill.  No problem.  My cold isn't gone, but it's getting better.  It's a masterpiece.

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