Sunday, June 29, 2014

Short Recovery Run

Short and slow is what I intended, after a tiring day yesterday, but I felt pretty good so I went a little faster.  Doing the usual 1 to 1 run/walk on the paved trails (we got another inch of rain last night, so the grass trails were not inviting), I finished 3.19 miles in 35:25, for a pace of 11:06, not bad.

Leg muscles still felt tired from yesterday's runs and subsequent lawn mowing work, so I pushed a little harder than usual up many of the hills, trying to coax those tired muscles to get stronger.  It felt good to do that.  It's a masterpiece.

Whining:  None at all.  Nada.  100.9 miles for the month so far.  Maybe more tomorrow, the last day of June.

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