Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back Home

... with a cold, as so often happens.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014:

Today's run was back on the park's grass trails, just four miles, but that's enough, because I still have my cold.  It seems to be getting better, but I don't want to push my luck.  I'm still keeping extra warm and getting a nap or two every day.  I have a very clear memory of February's bout of pneumonia, and don't want a repeat.

Today's run was just delightful.  The trails were wetter than I thought they would be, because of recent rain I guess, but I was able to get by the wettest spots without much difficulty.  Shoes and sox got a little wet from dew on the grass, but that's the price to be paid for a lovely run in the cool of the morning. Easily worth it.  I'm anxious to go farther, when my cold abates.

Distance: 4.03 mi, time 47:22, pace 11:45.  I think I worked just as hard today as I did yesterday on the paved trails, but the grass trails seem to take me about a minute per mile longer.  Anyway I'm happy with the time.  It's a masterpiece!

Monday, June 9:

Trilium on the edge of our woods
Paved-trail figure-eight again.  This is the same route that I ran yesterday, except I ran it in the other direction.  Today was more humid than yesterday, but the temperature and humidity evidently didn't slow me down, as I finished the route almost a half minute faster today.  No problems.  Except for my cold, no whining
Splits: 16:07 (west, 1.46 mi), 21:50 (east, 2.07), total time 37:58, distance 3.53, pace 10:45.  Slightly slower on the west loop, faster on the east.

Sunday, June 8:

Paved trail figure-eight, 3.53 miles.  While I still have the cold I'm not doing anything very long.  I probably shouldn't run very hard, either, so I'm limiting my run/walk ratio to no faster than 1 to 1, except I might run more on a long, gentle downhill.  Those are rare.

Today was a lovely day to be outdoors, plenty warm for running but a pleasure to be out there.  No problems I finished in 38:23, which is a pace of 10:53.  Not bad.

Friday, June 6:

I ran the figure-eight on the park's paved trails today, the normal (not extended) version.  I would have liked to run longer, but still have the cold and prefer not to tax my immune system any more than necessary.  I believe that a modest amount of exercise may be beneficial, but more than that may divert resources needlessly from vital functions to muscles.

Distance was 3.19 miles, time about 36 minutes, pace about 11:17.  Time is an estimate, as is pace.  I didn't feel very strong today, still dealing with the worsening cold, but I ran fairly well anyway for this short distance.  I can't wait until the cold is gone and I can run for an hour or two.  Or three.

Whining: Nothing except the nasty cold.

Thursday, June 5:

The grass trails were a bit soggy today, after 2 3/4 inches of rain over the weekend, but I enjoyed them anyway.  3.01miles in 34:48, for a pace of 11:34, which is actually better than I intended.  I still have yesterday's cold, and in fact it is worse today, but I do feel better after the run than before.

Wednesday, June 4:

One loop with the Klondike extension.  I caught a cold after the trip back from Chicago, and didn't want to run too far today.  2.53 miles in 28:30, for a pace of about 11:16 minutes per mile.  Then home, shower, nap.

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