Thursday, July 28, 2016

28 Miles in Four Days

Thursday, July 28, 2016:

I've had such fun this week.  Today I just goofed off, walking and running all over, including parts of the town that I had never explored before.  This included two quarter-mile (400 m) runs on the old high school track at a 10-minute per mile pace, lots of fast walking, and even more moderate walking.  I went about nine miles in about two hours and 20 minutes, an average  pace of 15 to16 minutes per mile.

Those two quarter-mile runs are the farthest I've run without walking in months, perhaps years.  Today was the perfect day to ramp up a little, overcast with temperatures in the mid-60's.  That's enough for a day or two - push too hard and injury will slow me down again.  I want to get stronger and faster.

Wednesday, July 27:

Exploring   I followed some trails that I've never seen before, and had a great time.  7.5 miles in 1:46:32, for a pace of 14:12.

Monday, July 25:

Last Friday I felt more than a little sluggish in a 6-mile walk/run.  Today was just the opposite - I did 11 miles and felt as good at the end as I did at the start.  Warm weather, nearly 80 with high humidity.  I carried water and took a couple of Clif Shot gels.

Splits: 6.04 mi + 5.09 = 11.13 mi in 2:38:45, pace 14:12.

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