Friday, July 08, 2016

Eight Runs

In the last two weeks, for a total of about 31 miles.  The angina-like symptom that appeared in the last marathon is still right there when I push hard, say faster than about 14 minutes per mile. I admit I'm a little afraid to push hard enough to feel it, because if it really is angina, it can precede a heart attack,

Indeed one of the runs was four miles at an overall pace of 13:36, and I definitely did feel the angina-like symptoms briefly at the end of the run, and for a few  minutes afterward.  I have a stress test scheduled, about ten days away now, and won't push so hard again until we get the results and a diagnosis.  Dr S, my primary, even suggested the possibility of stents.  Well, we have a ways to go before that.

Angina happens when the heart can't pump enough blood into its own arteries to meet its own needs.  Therefore, one of the complications could be related to my runner's heart rate.  Today I worked pretty hard, only walking, but sweating and breathing hard, finishing four miles at a pace of about 14:30.  I took my pulse rate several times along the way, and never saw more than 112 bpm, pretty slow for fairly strenuous exercise.  Assuming that I do have some narrowing of the coronary arteries, reducing the peak blood flow to the heart, I wonder if this low heart rate could contribute as well - the heart not beating fast enough to supply itself with enough blood.

Despite this complication we have scheduled three more marathons this year, starting in September. I expect to do them.  Currently at 97, that will take us to 100!  I hope it happens.

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