Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Go out in the midday sun.  Part of a song by Noel Coward.  I am indeed half English, actually two fourths to be precise, but this run wasn’t quite midday - more like 10:00 am.  Nevertheless the temperature was 82 with a dew point of 71, for a heat index of 85.  Full sun didn’t help - I would have preferred rain, and my running clothes got totally wet just the same.  Soaked with sweat.

This was a new route for me, about 4.2 miles plus a couple of extra exploratory excursions, making it 4.7 miles in 1:11:19, for a pace of 15:10, not bad at ALL considering the weather and the amount of time that I had to wait for traffic lights.  I’m not above jaywalking, but not across busy 55 mph 4-lane highways, thank you.

My pulse rate reached 130 at one point, a new high since I started using the monitor a few days ago.  This surprises me, because I have worked quite a bit harder in some other runs in the last week.  The previous high was 123.  Perhaps it’s the DEX - I took 12 mg of dexamethasone last night - a weekly dose that’s part of my myeloma treatment.  Perhaps the heat contributed too, with the resulting dehydration.

The good news - the angina-like symptom did not appear, and the right knee didn’t complain much either.

I did have a stress test yesterday morning at the hospital, with nuclear imaging, but don’t have the results yet.  Do I have serious heart disease or not? My sweeties and I anxiously await the answer.  I’ll post about it, of course.

Sunday, July 17:

Nice walk with A & S, exploring new routes within a mile or two of our house.  About 2.5 miles.

Saturday, July 16:

Hospital Loop With My Sweeties   We three walked one of my favorite routes together - four miles that take us past both the hospital and the doctor’s office, plus at least four (other) places where a person could take a nature break in an emergency.

They did really well today - as I slow down, I wonder if the day will come that we all want to go about the same speed.

Splits: 35:44, 37:58, total 1:13:42, pace 18:26.

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