Monday, November 16, 2015

The Ides of November

Sunday, November 15, 2015:

But not really - the Ides of November is not the 15th but the 13th.  Who knew?  See Wikipedia.

Whatever.  I had a very nice run today, 7.98 miles in 1:46:11 for a pace of 13:18.  Not bad for mostly walking, and this was a very hilly route.  Like the next marathon will be.  Tapering now.

We enjoyed a scrumptious November day today, high 50'sm clear skies, dry as a bone.  I wish the rest of winter could be like this.  Oh well, rain and cold tomorrow.

Whining: My back doesn't know which side should complain. Today both sides complained, but not enough to be a problem.

I tried out my brand new Brooks Launch II shoes today.  I have run 90 marathons in Brooks shoes, and these are my 14th pair of the Launch I and II.  Like all those before, they were just fine.  A neutral ride, soft enough but not too soft.

Two-mile splits: 25:28, 28:09, 52:34 (4 mi), total 1:46:11 for 3.98 miles.

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