Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Knee Now

November has been beautiful so far, with every day better then the one before.  Today we started running at about 11:15 am, with bright sunny skies and a temperature of 62 degrees.  Because it was so nice we went to the park, for one of very few remaining chances to run on the grass trails this year.  I ran 4.03 miles in a forward direction and about a mile up and down.  Just kidding about the mile, but it is hilly there.

Our sweet Jazmine died yesterday.  Here she is at work,
relieving my stress but watchful nevertheless. We miss her.
Nevertheless I enjoy those trails more than any other kind of running, and pushed harder than usual, running up nearly all of the hills, then walking down the other side to protect my knees.

Whining:  My right knee actually did bother a little today, more when running than when walking, and more going downhill than up.  In the past I have been diagnosed with PFS (patellofemoral syndrome) in that knee, and this could be a little of that showing up because I ran harder than usual yesterday and today.  Happily the twitchy, weak ankle did not show up today on either side, but it seems there is always something to fret about.

Despite yesterday's eight-mile run and today's knee trouble I felt very strong today - a wonderful feeling.  Perhaps the trial drug that I was on for six months is losing its grip on me.  Now if I can just build back a little strength ...

Distance: 4.03 miles.  Time: 56:58.  Pace: 14:08, actually not bad for these trails.

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