Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cool Taper Run

The weather in Seattle is currently predicted to be  sunny and cool with temps in the low 30's at sunrise, and middle 40's in the afternoon.  Wind at 5 mph.  Dry will be most welcome if it actually happens.  Cool is fine.

Today's run was meant to test clothing in very similar weather, 36 at the start and 40 at the end, wind at 12 gusting to 16.  I wore a short-sleeved and a long-sleeved shirt under a wind jacket, with tights below.  Gloves, visor and ear cover completed the gear.  My usual light WrightSox were fine, with the newest pair of Brooks Launch shoes.  I may exchange the tights for running pants in the marathon, because the pants have pockets, but otherwise the gear was perfect.

Because of last Wednesday's bone marrow biopsy I felt more comfortable walking today, and did very little running.  Nevertheless the pace was good at 13:43, even though I had to slow way down for ice on the trail for maybe 100 yards.

Two-mile splits: 26:07, 28:44, total 54:51, pace 13:43.  I'll keep it.

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