Monday, November 23, 2015


Myeloma lives in the bone marrow, and one of the best ways to learn about a patient's myeloma is to extract some marrow and examine it.  Last Wednesday I had marrow extracted from the top of the right rear side of the pelvic bone, just about where my belt rests.  It's called a bone-marrow biopsy, and I have been wearing suspenders since Wednesday, to avoid discomfort in that area!

Unfortunately, I didn't wear suspenders during my run today.  Because the outdoor temperature was below 20 degrees we went to the YMCA today.  I wore regular running shorts with a laced waistband, which annoyed the sore place throughout the 3-mile run.  Suspenders on running shorts?  In public?  New fashion trend - I should have worn them!

The next marathon is just a week away now, and I do believe I'll bring my suspenders along just in case that spot is still sore.

Otherwise zero whining.  I had a little knee trouble yesterday (Saturday) while walking with friends, so I turned around and went home.  That may have been a good plan, because there was no knee trouble today.  The sore hip probably slowed me a little, but I was still able to maintain a good pace.  All walking, no running today:

One-mile (13-lap) splits: 13:49, 13:37, 13:31, total 40:57, average pace 13:39 minutes per mile.

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