Sunday, November 08, 2015

Magical Marvelous Run

Perfect weather and a problem-free long run.  We three all went out to run for about four hours today.

I actually ran four different loops, each starting and ending at our home, each about 4 miles in length, with an actual total distance of 16.05 miles and a total time (excluding nature breaks) of 3:48:00.  Pace 14:12.

I would have liked to do just a little better, under 14 minutes per mile, but this course is pretty hilly, I ran a marathon two weeks ago, and 14:12 is close enough!  Almost all walking, very little running, hence very little whining.

I felt just a little pain in the left back, peaking at about 3 miles and decreasing after that.  No problem!  What a great run.

This was the long run leading up to the next marathon - tapering from here.

Two-mile splits: 26:31; 29:29, 29:38, 28:14, 28:43, 29:16, 28:13, 27:56, total 3:48:00.

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