Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Run & Bike

Monday, May 25, 2015

My own personal duathlon today.  I did a 4 mile 1 to 3 run/walk, with no pains, and later in the day did an 11+ mile bike ride.  Exercise is good.

The run/walk without pain is a very good sign - I will gradually increase the distance and perhaps the run/walk ratio.  In order to avoid overtraining, I will try to keep track of "run equivalent" miles, meaning the miles that I actually run in my run/walk.  Today's run equivalent miles were 0.5.

The bike ride was interesting - 15 minutes to the park, and then Zephyr trail east to the only cross street, up to 2nd, back to the park mostly on city streets, then home.  11.3 miles in 1:02:07, not fast but I did have to walk the bike for about three blocks.  Too steep.

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