Sunday, July 01, 2012

Saint Croix Valley Runners

Saturday, June 30, 2012:

The SCV Runners showed up in strength this morning, about seven men and five women.  I did my usual walk/run, 40 seconds / 60 seconds, but I felt good and several times extended the 20 seconds to 30 or even more, finishing four miles in 44:57, for a pace of about 11:14.  That’s pretty good for me lately.

Whining: None!  For the first time since the April hernia surgery, the right side of my abdomen felt entirely normal. Not only no pain, but no hint of trouble, nothing odd at all.  Just a week after a tough marathon, that’s a very good sign.  Perhaps the repaired abdomen is really, finally, stronger than it was before the repair.  A shorter race with no walking will tell that tale, but not until after the next marathon, which is just a week away.  Easy does it until then.

Pretty much everything is organic.  That's chicken thighs with squash, you can see the rest:

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