Friday, July 27, 2012

Cooler Morning, Nicer Run

This morning the temperature was in the mid sixties and the dew point was only 60, ten points lower than it has been recently.  A fresh breeze made the running even better.  I ran five miles on the wet grass trails in the park, running 30 to 40 seconds of each minute and up all hills, with some hills taking as much as two minutes.  This is a bigger feat than running up all the hills on the paved trails, because the hills on the grass trails are longer and higher.

This morning's post-run breakfast.
There is oatmeal under there.  All organic.
Time for the 5 miles was 54:25, so the overall pace was 10:53, the first time since surgery that I’ve run sub-11 on the grass trails.  It’s good.  I’m a happy runner.

Whining: None.  Even happier.

24 miles this week, ramping up toward 30 per week.

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